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Ocean County NJ Divorce Lawyer

Our attorneys regularly appear before the Family Part Judges in Ocean County, New Jersey. Our Shareholder and Chair of the Family Law Department, Joseph J. Russell, Jr., Esq., grew up in Ocean County. Mr. Russell, while in law school, served as a Law Clerk for for the Honorable Vincent Grasso, while he was Presiding Judge of the Family Part in Ocean County. Judge Grasso went on to be the Assignment Judge in Ocean County.

Upon graduation from law school, Mr. Russell clerked in the Appellate Division for the Honorable Robert A. Fall, J.A.D. During his Appellate Clerkship, Mr. Russell’s chambers while working under Judge Fall, were located in Toms River, New Jersey, right down the street from the Ocean County Courthouse.

Mr. Russell serves on the Ocean County Family Law Executive Committee. The committee works in conjunction with the Ocean County Family Part Judges to make the Family Part in Ocean County far more functional and effective.

Mr. Russell and the attorneys at Wilentz are regularly appointed as Economic Mediators, Guardian ad Litems and parenting coordinators by the Ocean County Family Part Judges and other Ocean County Divorce Lawyers.

Joseph J. Russell, Jr
Joseph J. Russell, JrShareholder & Chair of the Family Law Department

Ocean County Family Division

The Ocean County Family Division is responsible for handling domestic and family matters that occur within its jurisdiction. Within the family division, there are integrated teams that handle different docket types, ranging from divorce cases to adoption to juvenile affairs. At the law offices of Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer, our experienced attorneys have interacted with these integrated teams, their team members, and the family court judges. We have also worked with numerous family law experts, financial professionals, counselors and psychologists, all of whom may be essential during the course of your case.

Whether you need an Ocean County divorce lawyer to represent you during your Divorce or Family Matter, our talented team at the law offices of Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer are competent in all matters of family law. To schedule a consultation, call ((732) ) 726-6236 today.

Ocean County Family Division Case Types

As mentioned above, the Ocean County family division is responsible for handling a myriad case types within the realm of family law. These cases are divided into four umbrella sections. Within each section, more specific case types are identified.


The first umbrella case type is dissolution, more commonly referred to as divorce. When a couple files for divorce, they are subsequently tasked with resolving numerous other legal issues, potentially including the division or property and assets, and spousal maintenance. Further, child support and child custody are also large issues. The dissolution team also handles nullity cases, which refer to cases where a marriage is determined to be void. With this category, there are also non-dissolution case types. Non-dissolution case types are those case that do not involve the termination of a marriage, but do involve common issues in divorce, such as parenting time, child support, spousal support, and medical support.

Domestic violence and domestic contempt unit.

There is a single integrated team that handles all domestic violence and contempt matters. This includes petition for domestic violence protection orders.

Juvenile intake.

Any issues involving juvenile delinquency, including serious family conflicts, runaway cases, and truancy, are handled by the juvenile intake team. The department also oversees juvenile detentions.

Children in the courts.

Finally, there is a team whose sole purpose is to handle matters related to children in the courts. This might include the termination of parental rights, kinship guardianship issues, contested adoptions, abuse and neglect cases, and more.

If you have a family issue that falls within any of the above legal categories, our legal team is ready to support you and help you to understand the law.

Ocean County Superior Court Judges

Within the family court of Ocean County, there are seven superior court judges. These judges are:

Hon. Madeline F. Einbinder – Presiding Judge;
Hon. Therese A. Cunningham;
Hon. Lawrence R. Jones;
Hon. Michael T. Collins;
Hon. Jon M. Doran;
Hon. Peter A. Ryan; and
Hon. John. F. Russo, Jr.

The presiding judge is the Hon. Madeline F. Einbinder, who was appointed to the court by Governor Chris Christie in 2011. Prior to her work as a judge, she was a Ocean County Prosecutor.

Each judge serves in a separate courtroom throughout Ocean County. They are further supported by numerous case managers. You can read the full list of case managers for the Ocean County family court on the website of the New Jersey Courts.

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A family matter that is serious enough to involve the law can be unnerving. If you have questions about what will come next for your family and how you can improve your chances of your family law matter being resolving as effectively as possible while minimizing conflict, please contact our law offices of Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer today. We put our hearts and hard work into every case that we take on, and fully understand what is on the line for your family. The best interests of children involved in family law cases are always a top priority – if you have child, we will do everything possible to ensure their best interests are protected.

When your future, or the future of your family, is in question, we can help. To schedule a consultation with our talented New Jersey divorce and family law attorneys today, please fill out the contact form on our website. You can also reach us by phone at ((732) ) 726-6236.


Joseph J. Russell, Jr
Joseph J. Russell, JrShareholder & Chair of the Family Law Department


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David M. WildsteinShareholder
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Jenna N. ShapiroAssociate
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