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Morris County NJ Divorce Lawyer

Morris County, New Jersey is home to one of our associate’s Joseph M. Freda III, Esq. Today, Mr. Freda serves as an ESP Panelist for Morris County and is also a member of the Morris County Bar Association.

It is important to hire an attorney who regularly appears in Morris County for divorce matters. All of the attorneys at Wilentz are familiar with Morris County and are often appointed to serve as Economic Mediators, Guardian ad Litems and parenting coordinators by the Morris County Family Part Judges and other Morris County Divorce Lawyers.

Joseph J. Russell, Jr
Joseph J. Russell, JrShareholder & Chair of the Family Law Department

Morris County Family Division

The Morris County Family Division hears numerous types of family matters including:

  • Dissolution of marriage, and issues within dissolution of marriage, such as alimony and property division;
  • Non-dissolution cases, including child custody, child support, and visitation;
  • Domestic violence and seeking domestic violence protection orders;
  • Domestic violence violations;
  • Juvenile delinquency;
  • Family crisis, which is characterized by the presence of a physical threat to a juvenile within a home or a dangerous and serious conflict between a juvenile and their parent/guardian;
  • Child placement review;
  • Child abuse and neglect;
  • Termination of parental rights, which is necessary when a parent abandons their child or is
  • otherwise completely unable to care for the child, as well as during adoption cases;
  • Kinship and legal guardianship, where a family member becomes the guardian of a child whose parent is no longer able to provide care; and
  • Adoption and contested adoptions.

In addition, the Morris County family division also has several programs to assist families including:

  • Child Support Hearing Officer Program
  • Juvenile Conference Committees
  • Juvenile Intake Services Conference
  • Juvenile Referee Program
  • Family Crisis Intervention Program
  • Parent Education Workshop
  • Family Mediation and Conciliation Program
  • Matrimonial Early Settlement Program
  • Domestic Violence Hearing Officer Program
  • Court-Appointed Special Advocates

Within the family court of Morris County, there are seven superior court judges. These judges are:

  • Hon. Maritza Berdote Byrne, Presiding Judge;
  • Hon. Peter A. Bogaard
  • Hon. Michael E. Hubner
  • Hon. Philip J. Maenza
  • Hon. Louis S. Sceusi
  • Hon. Michael Paul Wright
  • Hon. Donald G. Collester, Ret.

A family division manager, Kerri Lynn Walsh, in addition to assistant division managers, team leaders and support staff also support the family law division of Morris County. Our attorneys work intimately with all parties to mitigate conflicts and resolve issues as seamlessly as possible


Joseph J. Russell, Jr
Joseph J. Russell, JrShareholder & Chair of the Family Law Department


David M. Wildstein
David M. WildsteinShareholder
Jenna N. Shapiro
Jenna N. ShapiroAssociate
Sean Wirth
Sean WirthAssociate


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