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Monmouth County NJ Divorce Lawyer

Hire one of our experienced Monmouth County divorce lawyers for your Family Law Matter today. Several of our Partners and Associates reside in and are deeply connected with Monmouth County. Our attorneys serve on the Family Law Executive Committee in Monmouth County. Our attorneys also serve as Early Settlement Panelists and Intensive Settlement Panelists in Monmouth County. Our attorneys are regularly appointed by the Monmouth County judges to serve as Economic Mediators, Guardian ad Litems and Parenting Coordinators.

It is important to hire an attorney who regularly appears in Monmouth County for divorce matters. Our attorneys have substantial experience working with the Family Part judges, their staff and the other divorce practitioners who appear before the Court in Monmouth County.

Our attorneys have experience litigating and settling Family Law Matters in Monmouth County, including divorce, custody, alimony and child support, domestic violence, appeals and mediated matters. Our attorneys represent couples who live in every municipality in Monmouth County including those listed below.

Joseph J. Russell, Jr
Joseph J. Russell, JrShareholder & Chair of the Family Law Department

Founded in 1919, the law firm of Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer has grown to be one of the largest law firms in the country. Our law firm’s nearly 100 years’ worth of experience and history of making a difference in people’s lives has garnered a reputation of excellence in our community. Our Monmouth County divorce lawyers are highly skilled in all areas of divorce and divorce resolution, and will always advocate for your best interests, whether during mediation or litigation. We are passionate about representing individuals and families during family law matters in Monmouth County.

Monmouth County Family Division

The Monmouth County Family Division handles 11 different types of family law matters, always prioritizing the best interests of any children involved and working hard to resolve disputes between parties. These 11 different case types are:

Dissolution and divorce

When a couple wants to dissolve their marriage, they must do so through the state in order for the dissolution to be valid. During a dissolution of marriage, numerous other issues are addressed, such as child custody and division or property.


Non-dissolution cases are cases in which issues about child support, paternity, or child custody need to be resolved, yet parents are not married or have not yet filed for divorce.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is physical or emotional abuse of a person living within your household, including abuse and neglect of the elderly or disabled.

Violations of restraining orders

The court handles violation of restraining orders, typically as they pertain the a restraining order against a person involved in a domestic violence case.

Juvenile delinquency

Juvenile delinquency is not just a problem for the state; it is a problem for families, too. The family court handles numerous family-related matters related to juveniles, such as truancy, family conflict, and runaway cases.

Family crisis

A family crisis is defined by the state of New Jersey as behavior or conduct of a juvenile or other family member that presents “serious threat to the well-being and physical safety of a juvenile” or a serious conflict between a juvenile and a parent or guardian regarding “rules of conduct…”

Abuse and neglect

Abuse and neglect usually refers to the abuse and neglect of a child, although it can also refer to abuse and neglect of an elderly or disabled person. The court may intervene if abuse or neglect is suspected or reported.

Termination of parental rights

Parental rights must be terminated before a child is eligible for adoption. Before termination of parental rights, a trial or hearing will take place. Termination of parental rights may be appropriate in the case of step-parent adoption or necessity of guardianship due to extreme and prolonged abuse and neglect.

Child placement review

For children in foster care, the child placement review (CPR) process is a critical part of ensuring a child’s physical and emotional wellbeing. CPR boards make recommendations, following reviews, for the consideration of the judge.

Kinship guardianship

If a parent is no longer able to care for a child, the state will turn to the child’s kin – grandparents and other family members – for help with care for the child.

Contested adoptions

A contested adoption can be very emotional for all parties involved, including the child depending upon their age and level of understanding. Typically, it is the biological parent who contests the adoption.

Monmouth County Superior Court Judges

Within the family court of Monmouth County, there are nine superior court judges. These judges are:

A family division manager, two assistant division managers, 11 team leaders, and support staff also support the family law division of Monmouth. Our attorneys work intimately will all parties to mitigate conflicts and resolve issues as seamlessly as possible.

Each judge serves in a separate courtroom throughout Monmouth County. They are further supported by numerous case managers. You can read the full list of case managers for the Monmouth County family court on the website of the New Jersey Courts.

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Joseph J. Russell, Jr
Joseph J. Russell, JrShareholder & Chair of the Family Law Department


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David M. WildsteinShareholder
Jenna N. Shapiro
Jenna N. ShapiroAssociate
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