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Middlesex County Divorce Lawyer

Our main office for Wilentz is located in the heart of Middlesex County in Woodbridge, New Jersey. The overwhelming majority of our 115 attorneys work out of the Woodbridge office. Our attorneys serve on the Family Law Executive Committee for the Middlesex County Bar Association, as Early Settlement Panelists and are regularly appointed as Economic Mediators, Guardian ad Litems and Parenting Coordinators. Our attorneys have extensive experience appearing before the Middlesex County Family Part Judges in divorce actions, custody matters, post judgment motions, domestic violence matters, trials, hearings and uncontested divorce matters.

The Middlesex County family division is often called upon for help in resolving complicated family law matters that cannot be settled through mediation. If you are involved in a family law matter that requires legal intervention – ranging from divorce to child custody to domestic violence matters – it is important that you familiarize yourself with the Middlesex County family division and those who work within it. If you cannot resolve your matter out of court or in compliance with the law, the court will intervene and issue a court order, by which you are legally obligated to abide.

Joseph J. Russell, Jr
Joseph J. Russell, JrShareholder & Chair of the Family Law Department

At the law offices of Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, our talented Middlesex County divorce lawyers, as well as our team of experienced family lawyers, will make sure that you understand the laws surrounding your case, and the avenues for resolving your family law matter as swiftly and painlessly as possible. We prioritize out-of-court resolutions to minimize costs and put more power in your hands.

We have helped dozens of families like yours make it through difficult times. If you need legal counsel, our family law attorneys are ready to listen and answer all of your questions.

Middlesex County Family Division

The court that handles your family law matter will differ depending upon which county you live in. If you live in Middlesex County, the family law division where your family law case will be heard is presided over by the Honorable Deborah J. Venezia, PJFP. Middlesex vicinage is further supported by Charles C. Hager, Esq., who is the family division manager; Teresa Merritt, the assistant family division manager for matrimonial, non-dissolution, and domestic violence affairs; and Candice Covington, the assistant family division manager for juvenile, crisis, and children in court matters.

The Middlesex County Family Division handles myriad family law matters, including cases regarding the following areas:

  • Dissolution of marriage, and issues within dissolution of marriage, such as alimony and property division;
  • Non-dissolution cases, including child custody, child support, and visitation;
  • Domestic violence and seeking domestic violence protection orders;
  • Domestic violence violations;
  • Juvenile delinquency;
  • Family crisis, which is characterized by the presence of a physical threat to a juvenile within a home or a dangerous and serious conflict between a juvenile and their parent/guardian;
  • Child placement review;
  • Child abuse and neglect;
  • Termination of parental rights, which is necessary when a parent abandons their child or is otherwise completely unable to care for the child, as well as during adoption cases;
  • Kinship and legal guardianship, where a family member becomes the guardian of a child whose parent is no longer able to provide care; and
  • Adoption and contested adoptions.

All of the above issues are not only legally complex; they are emotional and trying, too. If your family finds itself in the midst of any type of family law dispute, or has questions about how the court can help you to resolve a serious family crisis – such as extremely volatile disputes between juveniles and parents or guardians – our talented attorneys are ready to help.

Middlesex County Superior Court Judges

Within the family court of Middlesex County, there are nine superior court judges. These judges are:

  • Hon. Deborah J. Venezia – Presiding Judge;
  • Hon. Dan Brown
  • Hon. Gerald Council
  • Hon. James Hyland
  • Hon. John. Jorgensen
  • Hon. Bruce Kaplan
  • Hon. Christopher Rafano
  • Hon. Marcia Silva
  • Hon Barbara Stolte

The presiding judge is Deborah J. Venezia. In 1995, Venezia was appointed to the court, and obtained tenured status in 2002. Prior to working in her current role, Venezia served as an attorney, municipal court judge, and municipal prosecutor.

Each judge serves in a separate courtroom throughout Middlesex County. They are further supported by numerous case managers. You can read the full list of case managers for the Middlesex County Family Part on the website of the New Jersey Courts.

We Competently Guide You Through All Family Matters

Our experienced family law attorneys at the law offices of Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer, P.C. have been serving those in our community since our law offices first opened in 1919. While divorce is the reason for which the majority of our clients seek our services, we are also highly competent in all other areas of family law, and can help you to secure the best possible outcome for your case.

In a family law matter, there is often a lot on the line. This is especially true when a child is involved – we will do everything in our power to preserve the best interests of your child and mitigate an unfavorable outcome.

If you want to learn more about our family law services and why our talented Middlesex County lawyers should be your first choice for representation, please contact us today. To schedule a consultation with our talented New Jersey divorce and family law attorneys today, please fill out the contact form on our website. You can also reach us by phone at ((732) ) 726-6236. We can also be reached by filling out our online contact form.


Joseph J. Russell, Jr
Joseph J. Russell, JrShareholder & Chair of the Family Law Department


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David M. WildsteinShareholder
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Jenna N. ShapiroAssociate
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